I Love you For

I love you for
– all that you are
– all that you have been and
– all you are yet to be.

3 Things

For A Girl, 3 Things are very important in relationship:

1. Eyes that do not cry
2. Lips that do not lie
3. Love that would not die

Saying Something

Have you ever wondered which things hurts the most:
Saying something and then wishing you had not,
saying nothing and then wishing you had?

For A Girl

For a girl,
knowing that she is safe someone’s arms
is like knowing the secret to life.

Risk To Love

It is a risk to love.

What if it doesn’t work out?


but what if it does.

No Relationship

No relationship is ever a waste of time.

If it didn’t bring you what you want,

it at least taught you

what you don’t want.

Good Morning SMS

Morning is that time in which you feel yourself to be totally refreshed and relaxed as you have taken a good night’s sleep. Now you know that you have quite a busy day ahead so why not spice the day a bit more and start with sending good morning sms to your dear ones.

The thought that they are being remembered and their loved one has sent a text message making it the first action of the day can turn out to be a very refreshing experience. It will not only spread a smile onto their faces but, will also make the start of the day in a happy tone. These text messages can be obtained from various websites as a mere search of few minutes will get you what you want and which will bring your dear ones closer to you.

The good morning sms available on websites may vary from being humorous to romantic to being small yet cute messages. Moreover, the database of all these messages are also updated regularly which means that you ought to get the latest in text messaging services. On the other, if you have expertise to make one of your own messages than the main idea can be to remind of those mornings when you used to be together as it will create beautiful and fond memories in the mind of the recipient.

Having the feeling to the first thought on the mind of a new day has the ability to make someone feel happy from heart. Also, if your relationship is not carrying onto a positive direction, then a small and cute good morning sms can do the work of hundreds of words. It can shed out the fences between the two. Customizing a message as per the requirements of your relationship, will eliminate all hatred marks and will create a new spark within the hearts and minds of the two. It tends to reduce hindrances and will also pave way for discussions on matters that led to such circumstances.

All in all, a good morning text message is considered as a very effective way to start your as well as the day of your loved ones along with making it positive in all senses and ways. So, if you have decided to text the next morning, search up some cute messages here so as to gather a nice collection.

Good Night SMS

Text messages are considered to be a very innovative way to stay in touch with people around us. When we get tired from all the work load of the day, it is time to relax and remember those who are special in our lives but are far away from us. Good night sms are the best option to express proximity between close friends and other acquaintances. Remember that such messages should be created with the right reflection as well as tone of the message. The way in which you will be sending a good night message to your parents might differ from that which is delivered to your friends or spouse.

These messages are of varying nature and can be customized into any form of the sender’s choice. There may be romantic messages which tends to portray your feelings and emotions towards the other person and you are willing and wish to enjoy night time at its full. Moreover, you can also express your feeling as to how badly you are missing them. On the other hand, you can make them smile or laugh out heartily by sending in funny good night sms. Another kind of such messages is that of inspirational messages which have characteristics to raise high the spirits especially if the day has been passed in a lower mood level.

You can either create a message at your own by simply inserting in your imagination or you can gain access to our website which is offering the latest text messages services. Additional sources of obtaining good night sms can be from great quotes or lyrics from popular songs. The important thing is that the message should have in the element of personal touch so as to make the receiver of the message feel special. Adding in pictures and images will further make your message unique and personalized.

The most important aspect of such messages is that always consider the personality of the recipient so as to get help in determining the right of message.  If the receiver tends to like quotes and other famous phrases, sending them as good night messages will make them appreciate it more. Furthermore, the mood of the receiver is also important as it will help in formulating a message. In case the recipient is in a bad mood, sending in a funny message can help him cheer up and sleep well thereby, making the end of the day in a happy tone.

Funny SMS

If you want to brighten up the day of your loved ones, then funny sms is the best way to do this. In the recent times, there have been tremendous increase in the art of text messaging inclusive of a zeal that was present never before and the best part of all is that it can bring up a smile on the face as well as spread happiness within hearts. All you have to do is to make a great combination of phrases adding in a touch of humor and your funny message is all set to be delivered. Moreover, if you are unable to create such messages, then another option can be to select from the vast range of messages available on the Internet which can be taken free of cost.

As long as these funny sms are expressing the same emotions, they can be created on any topic and aspect. For example, these may either be related to the generic facts of life explaining as to how they have become special for you or can either be rhetoric. If you are looking for such messages on the Internet, it is better to look at various sources so as to determine the right type of message you are looking for. The main idea should be to spread fun and humor all around the recipient. These types of messages are free from formality aspects and can also contain words such as ‘I do not care even if you are getting disturbed with my message’.

On the other hand, if you are very busy and cannot seek time to visit these online sources, then another option can be to subscribe to our blog RSS feeds to get latest posts. Through this way you are able to send in latest funny messages to your loved ones without getting into the trouble of making one of your own.

Funny messages are considered as the best source through which you can change the mood of any person. They are not only a good source to create fun and happiness but are also considered as ways through which one can express others that they are being remembered by someone. So, if there is someone in your life who wants a dose of mood changeover, than this is the right way to make him feel good and happy in every way you want.

Poetry SMS

Text messages have been evolved to have flow of feelings and emotions and poetry sms are the most common of these. The basis of such messages is to send emotional as well as humorous messages to those who are in the habit of reading and understanding the meaning embedded within any poetry.

Since, poetry sms can also be funny; the sender of the message also holds the opportunity to mix in the ingredient of smile and laughter within the sadness of any person. The message can contain funny poems which are easily available on various websites and which can also be customized as per the selection of the recipient. The aim is to make them happy and also maintaining the level of poetry at its optimum.

On the other hand, sad or serious poetry is also an undeniable factor of poetry sms. There are many people who like to read poetry on serious issues which may either be in relation with the facts of life or might be associated with the prevailing issues in the political or economical aspect of a country. Those who are patriotic tend to develop poetry based messages so as to create awareness among people and help them realize the importance of their role in the betterment of the problem. Furthermore, there are certain facts such as love related matters that are also made a part of the poetry message. If you are in love with someone, sending in a poetry expressing your true love can turn out to be really helpful in strengthening up your relationship. However, if you are a person having a broken heart, then making a sad poetry as the main context of your message will suit your circumstances the most.

There are many aspects related to this category of text messages and can be altered as per the requirement of the situation. Similar to that of the meaning of sending text messages, poetry sms are also considered as an effective way through which one can not only express their feelings but can also seek answers to their feelings in an indirect way.

One thing should be kept in mind, that the words of the poem should remain within the vicinity of ethical grounds and should show respect for the recipient rather than humiliating him in any way. Go ahead, and grab your cell phone and write down all your imagination and feelings that is associated with the recipient.

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