Birthday SMS

Birthday is an occasion and in this special occasion, a birthday sms birthday smsis the best as well as the easiest way through which you can deliver a heart warming message to your loved ones so as to make them feel good.

In the recent few years, the use of mobile phones has increased rapidly because of which sending and receiving text messages is being considered as a very common way of sending and receiving messages. It is considered as not only a convenient as well as discreet means of communication but is also quite cost-effective and less time-consuming.

Sending a birthday sms to your friends as well as to relatives has the ability to strengthen some old ties and develop strong relations that has the love (check romantic love sms here) and care required for any relationship. Through these messages, you not only deliver a simple birthday wish but, you are conveying your feelings and emotions towards a particular person. If you have now thought of creating one of your own birthday sms, then the below mentioned tips might come in handy:

  • Make sure that the message is not too long. It should be precise but should express your feelings in its true meaning.
  • Another tip can be to add in a picture or any graphical illustration that portrays your emotions. Moreover, adding in a picture can also make your message unique as well as customized to the recipient’s choice.
  • Birthday jokes or birthday poems is another great idea for sending birthday messages. These jokes and poetry varies from one age group to another. Ensure that use of improper words is not a part of the birthday joke you are using as it might not give a good impression to the recipient of the message.
  • You can also send in messages in your own customized language and there are several websites which are offering birthday sms in different languages. All you have to do is to copy the message on to your cell phone and send to the birthday person as a greeting of the special day.
  • A great and a unique feature are to add in a birthday jingle in your message. As soon as the receiver opens the message, the jingle will ring that creates a unique form of greeting among all.

Sending a text message to people you care about on their special day not only saves your time but, also ties up a strong bond between you and the other person.

Love SMS

A love SMS can be a true reflection of the feelings that you hold for love smssome special person in your life. A common phenomenon for a relationship is communication as through communication, you can express all your feelings and emotions for the other person. Through SMS you can make your relationship long lasting. Moreover, in the busy life of today’s world, sometimes it becomes very difficult to seek time for people around you. Through love SMS you do not have to devote much time and you can deliver a message to your loved one in a mere 3 to 5 minutes.

Typing in a message for the person you love is an art in itself as you tend to sink within the thoughts of that person. One thing that should be remembered that these messages does not actually means to insert in hard words so as to make the sentences mushy but, it can be anything which explains all the feelings within your heart and this can be done either in a romantic manner or in a humorous manner. The point is that it should come straight from the bottom of your heart and should touch every corners of the heart of your special person.

Creation of rift in any type of a relationship is not considered to be good for it. The gaps whether big or small can lead to the end of a good relationship. The experts of relationships have indicated that communication is important within any type of a relationship and the absence of which can cause in the vanishing of harmony as well as love that once existed in the relationship. If you have a relationship the basis of which Is commitment, then you have to share all your feeling with them and sending love SMS can be your best option for this purpose. There are several messages available on the Internet which can also be the medium of expressing your emotions and love however; making one of your own SMS will be a more customized act and will appear as a true reflection of your love.

Valentine day is the best day on which you can send lots and lots of love SMS and convey all the feelings that are within your heart. You can create some of your own one liner messages and send to your loved ones so as to express your love and emotions in a small yet powerful medium of communication.

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Exam SMS

Examinations are the toughest time in the life of a student and many exam smsexam SMS works as a pressure relieving method from the mind of students. These SMS have tools through which a student can get relieved from some of the tension that is associated with the examination event. There are many students who tend to take extreme pressure on to their minds during examination sessions which many a times often results in a situation under which the student forgets all about the techniques and ways through which they can attempt their exams. Exam SMS, under such circumstances play a role of a revitalizing tool that not only increases the confidence level but also motivates to perform better.

Exam SMS are of various kinds which include best wishes messages, Good Luck messages, student exam messages, exam test messages and several others. Every of these messages are used to wish lots and lots of luck to the students in their examination process which is also another way through which you can express your gratitude towards the other person.

These messages can also be in a humorous tone where you can point out the funny moments and habits of the student appearing for the exam thereby releasing the pressure from the mind to some extent. You can write down a funny attitude of the student in the examination hall or about the condition prior to the exam paper. Such kind of messages is very popular among friends as they tend to enjoy moments of laughter that arise due to such situations.

There are also numerous jokes that have been made part of exam SMS and in these messages, certain common situations are mentioned which are associated with the students, the teacher and the examination hall. These messages are very common among students and they send to each other for creating humorous moments.  These messages also includes the characteristics of certain students that tends to get extremely nervous prior to the examination time and describes some of their funny acts which as a result comes out to be funny SMS.

These SMS can be either created as one of your own which is considered to be more customized or you can obtain them from the Internet where they are available in nearly every language. There are several website offering such messages. These best wishes and good luck messages are very effective in increasing the morale of the students so as to give out the best performance during examination time.

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Broken Heart SMS

Broken heart sms are considered as the most common waybroken heart sms through which one person can express his or her feelings and emotions that have occurred within under a particular situation. There are a number of instances when the act of a person who is considered to hold a special position in our life tends to hurt us deep in heart which might often result in a broken heart also. Under such a situation, there is a requirement to share these harsh feelings with some other person close to you so as to convey all the emotions. For this purpose, broken heart sms have the right content and the right means to do this. These messages are although, small, but have words strong enough to convey all the feelings you hold within.

Breaking down of a heart mainly is because of any act done by any other person which was not expected at any point. Such a situation can take place in any type of a relationship, whether it may be between friends or lovers.

Since, text messages are the best way to express all kinds of feelings and emotions, sending in broken heart sms also become very common these days. There have been evolved several websites through which you can get these type of messages and which might also suits your position on an accurate basis. Moreover, there are several renowned persons who have spoken some of these quotes which are not only intellectual but can also be used as spark of light in the darkness of life. They not only convey the feeling but, they also tend to pave a way through which one can go ahead in life.

If the person to whom you held responsible for breaking your heart in accessible by any other means of communication, than these type of messages are the effective way to pass on your feelings to that person. There is also a possibility that through these messages, the other person tends to realize the mistake he has made and would want to make an adjustment with you. All in all, text messages of these types are not only cost-effective but are also the source through which you can either get matters resolved or you can get things settled down the other way in your life. Make sure that respect is important in any circumstances whether it is making up of a relationship or a break up. It is always good to give respect even if you and your loved ones are not together anymore.

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Angry SMS

There are many instances in which you are not able to stay in contact angry smswith your friends, family members or any other of your loved ones and therefore, you start receiving angry sms from these persons. Such messages indicate that someone is quite angry with you on one hand but, cares for you on the other. When you send in such a message to any person, it indicates that you miss the person and wants to stay in touch with him or her. Because of this you tend to send him all the feelings that are within your heart so as to let the person know that he is being missed very much.

Angry sms are of various types and may either include some sort of saying or quotes or it can also include the stanza of any song. The main purpose is to let the other person know that you feel lonely without him or her and is in desperate need to get in contact. Such type of messages is very common among friends when they are away from each other and gets out of contact. From these messages they tend to stimulate their loved ones to stay in contact with them and emerge the feelings present within the relationship.

They can also be considered as a bridge between those two persons who are apart from each other but are still fond of each other memories. They use to remember each and every moment they have shared with each other and when they fail to get in contact, they miss each other and their memories after which an angry sms is sent so as to make the other person realize that he or she is an integral part of their life.

Like any other text messaging service, these messages are also meant to convey feelings and emotions to those who are loved and hold importance in our lives. In the busy schedule of everyday life, where one cannot seek much time to visit in person to those who comprises our life in terms of relationships, these messages are considered to be the most effective as well as the cheapest way through which you can not only deliver your messages to other people but, can also make them feel that they are being remembered and loved even after staying away from each other. These messages can either be taken from the Internet or can be customized as one of your message depending on the intensity of anger you hold for that person. You might also looking for sad sms.

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Sympathy SMS

It seems obvious and close in meaning to relate feelings of sympathy with our moral principles. Can you consider a person with high ego who has no feelings for others? Not just because some philosophers believe it or it is demanded by our society rules , your rational mind would make you inclined towards the decision to help a person in need. For every act there is a proper way which leads you towards best results. The first and last important step in case you want to sympathize with a person, is the selection of right words. You do not have to struggle to find them; we already have gathered all important sympathy sms for you.

sympathy smsIt is believed that there are three main ingredients for the composition of gentle man’s personality and sympathy is one of them. Sympathy for someone is the indication of love in your heart. You can understand people and share their pain. Pain, when shared becomes less and finally dissolves. If your few words can give relief to someone in stress, then it is like you have a cure for his/her pain. Some people have sympathy for others but they could not express it. Having these mild feelings in your heart is not enough, let these feelings to be expressed into sympathy words and forward it to aggrieved person.

Usually people overlook the importance of sympathy; it is true that everyone who faces such severe situations but when we find so many supportive people around us, we forget about the tragedy. While dedicating these messages certain rules should be followed, your words should not be too lengthy. Avoid using conventional words like ” I know how you feel” and sayings; this will make your sms look like forwarded text. It is best to stick to situation and shape your sympathy sms according to it. Only the messages with true intention and floral attribute will be appreciated. Sometimes what you say is not important but how you say is important, so look for the right time to use these sympathy sms.

Follow the pattern given in these messages and try to create your own. If you have free time you can make your own collection and use these sympathy sms when you need them. After sending such messages, do not delete it from your cell but add a folder and keep on saving some messages in relevant folders. Soon you will have your own collection of messages.

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Sorry Sms

Human emotions are sometimes very hard to control. If you have utter something harsh or done any stupid act, guilt surrounds you and keeps you irritating inside you. Sitting alone and scratching your head to figure out how you can make things right and normal again? The answer is, it takes only one sincere apology with true heart to heal this wound. These three words” I am sorry” are very powerful and effective when you really mean it. Relationships are very much like pure and clean water even a single drop of doubt or misunderstanding can easily make it dirty.

You start with an argument and ends up leaving your partner with painful feelings. Always keep in mind that there is nothing more precious and important than a human heart, you can win the battle of argument but you may lose that person. So it is better to avoid such talks. When you cooled off, at that very moment you realize that something bad has happened and we start regretting our actions. If you really care and treasured the relationship then do not waste your time in regretting and thinking but find a way to apologize.

sorry smsUsually people consider it against their self esteem to apologize first but it removes a huge burden from your heart and soul. Just do not bother about the words for apology we have a wide verity of sorry sms. These sorry sms are designed and written keeping in view the human’s emotions and how these emotions can be affected through words. Use of right words for right person is very important. Take out a sorry sms and personalized it according the situation you faced and your relationship with that person.

Preparing a sorry sms is not very complicated process but it should be simple and straight from heart. Be specific to what you did wrong; attach some flowers with your message to make it more real. For your wife and girlfriend, a very nice trick is to buy a cute gift for her. This trick works like distracting the attention with the help of sorry sms and sweet gift.

Another nice idea is to add music as a background, try to copy song lyrics with apologetic theme. Your combined effort with these sorry sms will take you away from this unwanted situation. Life is very uncertain in nature; never develop a bad relation even with a single person. For every bad situation there is a way out, just follow it and live happily.

Sad Sms

Human has different kinds of feelings floating in their heart and blood.sad sms There are certain feelings and emotions like happiness, joy, laugh, peace and love etc for which he always struggle. He struggles to get access to his own inner desire. On the other hand he avoids and hates his hate, anger, sadness and such kinds of feelings which is also his nature. But nature wants you to experience this duality so we can grow up, mature and strong. As we know a smooth road never makes a good driver. Sadness is something more common and no one like to be alone and sad. If you can enjoy your sadness then it is no longer sad. It is sadness just because you resist it. You do not accept it, you start fighting with it. Even sadness becomes a flowering of tremendous beauty if you become aware of it and accepts it.

When you become sad there is no need to run, you cannot escape from your own self. Just be more conscious and alert and start going deep in it without sinking in it, just analyze and experience what it is and what it has to do with us. These sad sms will let you to get more insight in it. Sad sms tells how sadness affects our lives and how we can go beyond it. God has created everything with a purpose, so what is the mystery behind this sadness. You can get the answer when you are really interested to know about it.

First step involves reading about it, you can read so many sad sms available here, then close your eyes and experience this silent ocean inside you. Soon you will realize that happiness is shallow but sadness is deep and meaningful. In sadness you are alone just do not worry everything will be alright. Here acceptance means you have brought a new quality in it, rather being depressed you would rather accept it.

When sadness arrives let it come, and welcome it let it dissolve in you. You take bitter medicines to wash away your diseases. The more you will try to resist the more you will get trapped in it. And this is how your behavior should be towards every polarity inside you. A new light will emerge from the center of your self . You will be no more divided. In this process of realization these sad sms will help you a lot. Read them and share them with your friends.

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Thank You SMS

One of the two most used English language words are ”Thank You”.thank you sms Either in business of daily life or with boss and colleagues you will find people using these word again and again. This fact is also true for your business success and for social pleasure. Being courteous is a nice trait of your personality, this quality also help you even for self actualization. If you talk about work, thankfulness tells a prospect that you are appreciating for the work done by other person. It’s a good indicator of your interest, and your positive attitude for work. And your positive attitude leads towards friendly environment.

Now coming towards social interaction, your gratitude plays an important role to tell other person how much you value them and your behavior towards social relationships. The point among all these arguments is that you are self satisfied. There are numerous ways to express the word thank you. You will find all the best combination of these words here on our site in the form of thank you messages. Using appropriate words according to situation is equally important. Thank you sms is a big source and answer to all your requirements.

World has changed itself into a global village, you interact new people every day at your work place, and now technology has changed the way we communicate with people. You interact new friends on different social websites and through internet chatting, so it is the need of time that you should have plenty of decent thank you sms in your pocket, to create good impression and for healthy talk.

Not only you grow as a sober personality in society but you also grow mentally. Usually we follow our train of random thoughts; whatever we process in our brain is directly affected by the way we perceive things around us. The habit of thankfulness teaches you to be happy and thankful for everything you have in your life. It means looking at big picture, your whole life takes a new turn, it is rightly said that we should not ignore such things in our life. Appreciation is the key to happiness and a secret of happy life.

Once you have a nice collection of thank you sms, you should share these sms with your friends and family. Sharing happiness with others makes you even happier. All the best and unique thank you sms are available here, read them and enjoy.

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