Poetry SMS

Text messages have been evolved to have flow of feelings and emotions and poetry sms are the most common of these. The basis of such messages is to send emotional as well as humorous messages to those who are in the habit of reading and understanding the meaning embedded within any poetry.

Since, poetry sms can also be funny; the sender of the message also holds the opportunity to mix in the ingredient of smile and laughter within the sadness of any person. The message can contain funny poems which are easily available on various websites and which can also be customized as per the selection of the recipient. The aim is to make them happy and also maintaining the level of poetry at its optimum.

On the other hand, sad or serious poetry is also an undeniable factor of poetry sms. There are many people who like to read poetry on serious issues which may either be in relation with the facts of life or might be associated with the prevailing issues in the political or economical aspect of a country. Those who are patriotic tend to develop poetry based messages so as to create awareness among people and help them realize the importance of their role in the betterment of the problem. Furthermore, there are certain facts such as love related matters that are also made a part of the poetry message. If you are in love with someone, sending in a poetry expressing your true love can turn out to be really helpful in strengthening up your relationship. However, if you are a person having a broken heart, then making a sad poetry as the main context of your message will suit your circumstances the most.

There are many aspects related to this category of text messages and can be altered as per the requirement of the situation. Similar to that of the meaning of sending text messages, poetry sms are also considered as an effective way through which one can not only express their feelings but can also seek answers to their feelings in an indirect way.

One thing should be kept in mind, that the words of the poem should remain within the vicinity of ethical grounds and should show respect for the recipient rather than humiliating him in any way. Go ahead, and grab your cell phone and write down all your imagination and feelings that is associated with the recipient.

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