15 best Angry SMS

Here is new and impressive Angry SMS collection for you. Now you can express your feelings and emotions with nice words. Just pick one and send to anyone you want.

You never have to say sorry, if you learn to control your temper.

Angry man cannot build anything, he can only destroy.

An angry man delivers words unconsciously and when he come to conscious, he realize what he has lost.

Few minutes of loss of temper destroy all moments of love.

No one trust a lose temper man or an angry man because of his uncontrolled tongue.

Anger eats up all love and trust among relations. So avoid talking while you are angry. You will have a better life.

To keep your relation strong, never get angry when your partner is angry.

Holding onto anger

  • Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.
  • Anger will keep you alive for a while, but then it will eat you alive.

Angry SMS

There are many instances in which you are not able to stay in contact angry smswith your friends, family members or any other of your loved ones and therefore, you start receiving angry sms from these persons. Such messages indicate that someone is quite angry with you on one hand but, cares for you on the other. When you send in such a message to any person, it indicates that you miss the person and wants to stay in touch with him or her. Because of this you tend to send him all the feelings that are within your heart so as to let the person know that he is being missed very much.

Angry sms are of various types and may either include some sort of saying or quotes or it can also include the stanza of any song. The main purpose is to let the other person know that you feel lonely without him or her and is in desperate need to get in contact. Such type of messages is very common among friends when they are away from each other and gets out of contact. From these messages they tend to stimulate their loved ones to stay in contact with them and emerge the feelings present within the relationship.

They can also be considered as a bridge between those two persons who are apart from each other but are still fond of each other memories. They use to remember each and every moment they have shared with each other and when they fail to get in contact, they miss each other and their memories after which an angry sms is sent so as to make the other person realize that he or she is an integral part of their life.

Like any other text messaging service, these messages are also meant to convey feelings and emotions to those who are loved and hold importance in our lives. In the busy schedule of everyday life, where one cannot seek much time to visit in person to those who comprises our life in terms of relationships, these messages are considered to be the most effective as well as the cheapest way through which you can not only deliver your messages to other people but, can also make them feel that they are being remembered and loved even after staying away from each other. These messages can either be taken from the Internet or can be customized as one of your message depending on the intensity of anger you hold for that person. You might also looking for sad sms.

Don’t be so angry. Send Angry SMS to your Friends.

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