First Mistake

  • Your first mistake was
    Leaving Me
    your second mistake was
    Giving me the chance
    to realize
    that I could
    Live without YOU.
    Thanks For the Second Mistake!

Break Up SMS

Are you under a situation in which you feel that you are no longer in love? Have you started considering making a break up with your so-called lover? If this is the case, the break up SMS is the way through which you can do this. Although, this way is not considered as a decent way to perform such an action, but studies refer that many of the break ups and goodbyes takes place via the sent messaging service. according to a study conducted in Australia, many of the couples ranging between the age group of 18 – 35 years tends to start, maintain as well as end it up through text messages. Moreover, there is a rule in Malaysia, that Muslim Men can send in divorce to their wives via the messaging service as long as the message is being delivered clearly and to the point. But, from all this it does not mean that you should attempt a break-up via this source because your loved one have invested a lot of emotions in the relationship and breaking it all up will eventually end in something really bad. However, if breaking up is considered to be essential, than the least thing you can do is to pay respect to the other person prior to departure. Looking for quotes?? You can also check breakup quotes. Other reasons which make the break up sms an inevitable option are outlined as follows:

  • The either party is unpleasantly rude and there are several reasons to be apprehensive related to this act.
  • The major source of communication is messaging service.
  • No other source of communication is possible.
  • You have planned to remain silence.
  • You have tried to contact him by various other sources but he refuses to accept any of them.

If any of the above mentioned conditions holds the answer of no, then a break up sms is not considered as a good way to end up a relationship. No matter how softly you sent a break up message to the other person or received any broken heart sms in return, the ultimate result is harsh. It will break the heart of one person who has invested time, effort, money as well as emotions in the relationship which is experiencing a tragic end. There are several online sources through which these messages can be obtained but, it is always recommended to give your best so as to save the relationship as it might break the heart as well as expectation of one person that has been associated with the other.

Here is new and unique break up sms for you.

The pain and wound is much deep than you thought. You gave me a good reason to cry every night. Thanks for making me realize how wrong I was about you.

I never expect that a perfect love becomes a painful break up one day. I wish no one can break any ones heart as it is very painful.

People will realize the power of words, only when someone is breaking up with some one.

For me broken heart is the only thing that cannot be fixed.

Where there is break up, there is only one reason behind it. He got something new.

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