Insult SMS

Text messaging has become a very popular source of communication. Rather than calling or meeting in person, sending in a text message is all what it takes to get in contact with people around you. Various categories of text messages are popular and among them insult sms have also grabbed a position. The purpose of these messages is not basically to harshly insult the feelings and emotions of the other person but, it is meant to add in a touch of slight tricky feeling so as to tease a person in a funny manner.

Mainly the content of these insult sms are developed for a bit of humor and fun. Such types of messages are quite popular among friends, siblings and other relationship in which frankness stands as a major element. Since, such types of relationships can involve jokes of such types, it is considered to be a cool and fun thing to do.

On the other hand, no matter how frank your relationship is, it is very important to know about the mood of the recipient before sending in such a message. Perhaps, if the receiver is not in a good mood, there might be circumstance that he or she will perceive the message from a wrong angle thereby, resulting in unfavorable conditions for you. As for you it was simply a fun way to enjoy your relation with the other person, but, for the recipient it may turn out to be an utter insult and can also result in outrage and uproar.

Online sources are considered to be the best option to get some insult sms on to your cell phones and that too free of cost. You can also personalize these messages as per the personality traits of the recipient in such a way that the end picture turns out to be funnier and less humiliating.

It is important to respect every person around us and because of this it is very important to be careful when delivering an insulting text message as the results might not come out as expected. Many people reply the text message with another similar concept message whereas, there are other people who took it as a mere insult and responded in furious and angry way. It should always be remembered that such messages are made for adding in fun element within a relationship rather than actually insulting the personality or any of traits of the recipient.

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