I Love you For

I love you for
– all that you are
– all that you have been and
– all you are yet to be.

3 Things

For A Girl, 3 Things are very important in relationship:

1. Eyes that do not cry
2. Lips that do not lie
3. Love that would not die

For A Girl

For a girl,
knowing that she is safe someone’s arms
is like knowing the secret to life.

Risk To Love

It is a risk to love.

What if it doesn’t work out?


but what if it does.

Love SMS

A love SMS can be a true reflection of the feelings that you hold for love smssome special person in your life. A common phenomenon for a relationship is communication as through communication, you can express all your feelings and emotions for the other person. Through SMS you can make your relationship long lasting. Moreover, in the busy life of today’s world, sometimes it becomes very difficult to seek time for people around you. Through love SMS you do not have to devote much time and you can deliver a message to your loved one in a mere 3 to 5 minutes.

Typing in a message for the person you love is an art in itself as you tend to sink within the thoughts of that person. One thing that should be remembered that these messages does not actually means to insert in hard words so as to make the sentences mushy but, it can be anything which explains all the feelings within your heart and this can be done either in a romantic manner or in a humorous manner. The point is that it should come straight from the bottom of your heart and should touch every corners of the heart of your special person.

Creation of rift in any type of a relationship is not considered to be good for it. The gaps whether big or small can lead to the end of a good relationship. The experts of relationships have indicated that communication is important within any type of a relationship and the absence of which can cause in the vanishing of harmony as well as love that once existed in the relationship. If you have a relationship the basis of which Is commitment, then you have to share all your feeling with them and sending love SMS can be your best option for this purpose. There are several messages available on the Internet which can also be the medium of expressing your emotions and love however; making one of your own SMS will be a more customized act and will appear as a true reflection of your love.

Valentine day is the best day on which you can send lots and lots of love SMS and convey all the feelings that are within your heart. You can create some of your own one liner messages and send to your loved ones so as to express your love and emotions in a small yet powerful medium of communication.

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