Sad Sms

Human has different kinds of feelings floating in their heart and blood.sad sms There are certain feelings and emotions like happiness, joy, laugh, peace and love etc for which he always struggle. He struggles to get access to his own inner desire. On the other hand he avoids and hates his hate, anger, sadness and such kinds of feelings which is also his nature. But nature wants you to experience this duality so we can grow up, mature and strong. As we know a smooth road never makes a good driver. Sadness is something more common and no one like to be alone and sad. If you can enjoy your sadness then it is no longer sad. It is sadness just because you resist it. You do not accept it, you start fighting with it. Even sadness becomes a flowering of tremendous beauty if you become aware of it and accepts it.

When you become sad there is no need to run, you cannot escape from your own self. Just be more conscious and alert and start going deep in it without sinking in it, just analyze and experience what it is and what it has to do with us. These sad sms will let you to get more insight in it. Sad sms tells how sadness affects our lives and how we can go beyond it. God has created everything with a purpose, so what is the mystery behind this sadness. You can get the answer when you are really interested to know about it.

First step involves reading about it, you can read so many sad sms available here, then close your eyes and experience this silent ocean inside you. Soon you will realize that happiness is shallow but sadness is deep and meaningful. In sadness you are alone just do not worry everything will be alright. Here acceptance means you have brought a new quality in it, rather being depressed you would rather accept it.

When sadness arrives let it come, and welcome it let it dissolve in you. You take bitter medicines to wash away your diseases. The more you will try to resist the more you will get trapped in it. And this is how your behavior should be towards every polarity inside you. A new light will emerge from the center of your self . You will be no more divided. In this process of realization these sad sms will help you a lot. Read them and share them with your friends.

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